Sebastian Erras Photography


Born in the south of Germany, I started my interest in photography with a trip to the Massai Mara in Kenya. I had bought an old analogue SLR and a few lenses and started to capture the local wildlife. Back in Germany I kept on exploring the local wildlife and specialized myself on birds and orchids. Since 2009 I am a full-member of the GDT and CO-Founder of the GDT Youth Group. Meanwhile my work has been published in numerous nature and wildlife magazines and in 2010 I won the 2nd prize of the Fritz Pölking Nachwuchspreis der GDT. After having finished my business diploma in Germany, I made my passion my work. Traveling the world and exploring new cultures is another passion I try to fulfill as much as I can.

After my studies in International Marketing, I decided to fulfill my dream and become a fulltime photographer. Having always had a passion for design and architecture, I specialized in the field of interior and architecture photography. Working now for multiple clients all over Europe, I continue living my passion of photography, travel and exploring new things.